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  1. title Discord: Block#3843
  2. I Got this one if you are interested Discord: Block#3843 account has addy gloves
  3. First of all i want to thank everyone for the support we recieved in our server, on sythe, and OSbot. Due to an increase in sales our supplier has granted us with a significant discount, we from BPR feel that it is normal to return the favor to our customers. For this reason we have reduced the price of our product so that it becomes more affordable for everyone! Prices have been changed accordingly. Thank you hope to see you soon!
  4. thanks for your concern! i can tell you that the margins on these are quite slim. However i am interested in that retailer tho in my experience the retailers you find that advertise these sort of proxies are rare, and 9 out of 10 times don't do as promised. that is one of the reasons why i made this post and thanks!
  5. Welcome to our Proxy section. We at BPR know that high quality proxies are essential when gold farming in Runescape. We also know that it is very hard to find top quality proxies, for this reason we have decided to start selling our own! Our proxies are top notch and high quality proxies. Why pick #|bpr-proxies? Not only do we guarantee the quality of our product, we also guarantee that the proxies sold by us have never been used before regarding anything Runescape related or fraudulent behaviour. The product we sell is a 100% Clean IP and does not appear as a proxy to Jagex. This makes it harder for jagex to detect the accounts used when combined with a good script. DISCLAIMER the possibility of receiving a ban while using our product remains, however after internally run testing we strongly support the fact that our product makes it less common. The proxies we sell show up as a residential IP address to Jagex due to them never being used before. However it has the speed of a Data center proxy and we guarantee 99% up time. All our proxies are located in the USA. The option for a different country is possible but we can not guarantee the same quality/pricing. For this reason our standard location is the US. #|proxy-pricing 1 Proxy/Month $9/20.5M Each 5+ Proxy/Month $8/18.2M Each 10+ Proxy/Month $7,25/16.5M Each Discord Block#3843 Proof of our product Here is some data from other proxy providers, feel free to check your proxies on: https://www.ipqualityscore.com/free-ip-lookup-proxy-vpn-test Other proxy provider Fraud score To purchase Add Discord: Block#3843 and i will invite you to our server. Here we have alot more information regarding our product, including a proof-of-product page, and a quality guarantee policy. We at #|bpr-proxies guarantee a fraud score "0" and a 99% up-time # if our product does not live up to these expectations we will replace the proxy within 24 hours if @Block#3843 is NOT online. if @Block#3843 IS ONLINE we guarantee a replacement within 2 hours, if the 2 hour time period is not met a replacement will be given with an additional 50% discount on the purchased proxy. DISCLAIMER. our 50% discount policy does not have any effect on the other proxies purchased in the same order. we will only refund 50% of the proxies that are not living up to our Fraud score guarantee of "0"
  6. i deserve to win because im a loyal script factory user!
  7. My Personal Discord: Block#3843 Disc UID: 163046284192645120 Selling HCIM 70 Agility Full gracefull Extra Marks The account holds no bank value. NO blackmarks i am the Original owner of the account There is NO email set Autowin 25$ GP/BTC Discord Block#3843 (Capital B)
  8. Discount period has ended. thank you all for your support! add me on discord: Block#3843 for future discounts!
  9. Currently we have a discount going on on our Membership codes! this discount will continue untill 03:00 AM CEST 16-07-2021. the reason for this is that we are greatfull for all the support and the members that have joined us in such a short period of time! add my discord Block#3843 and claim your discount!
  10. yes these are membership codes only. and they are obtained legally from our supplier
  11. Cheap Membership codes starting from 2,15$ Membership code 16 days $2.15/4.6m Membership code 24 days $2.75/5.95m Membership code 40 days $4.20/9m Membership code 48 days $5/10.7m Membership code 72 days $7.25/15.52m Membership code 96 days $8.30/17.7m Membership code 144 days $13.40/29.3m Membership code 292 days $26.10/58.3m BTC/GP Discord: Block#3843
  12. Hi everyone, recently i started helping new botters on the forums with getting started, i have had so many requests these passed couple days that i decided to make a video about the program i use. if you look at my other thread : you can see the comments off the people that i have assisted so far. sadly not all of them have spread the word but i hope that the following video will help you out! its more of a product review then an actual tutorial, but i do explain a bit about how to use the actual program to my benefit and how to scale your farm with it. the botmanager only supports OSbot so i hope that my Post is in the right place! if you run into any problems feel free to add my discord Block#3843 i will try to answer all the questions you maybe have. thank you all and happy botting
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