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  1. Was very satisfied with my last purchase and am looking forward to trying more of your lineup. can pl0x have trials for perfect fighter and perfect magic?
  2. i enjoyed my previous purchase from you may i get a trial of this script please it looks juicy
  3. enjoyed both of my purchases from you may i please get a trial for this ?
  4. Very impressed with the purchase of your stealth quester, do you think i can get a trial of this one plz?
  5. may i please have a trial.
  6. can i get a trial please
  7. can i get a trial please
  8. Hey i've been using osbot for a little while now but haven't bothered to post. i would like to meet some new botting friends. haven't played the game since 2015 but i'm hoping to catch up on all the great new content. Looking forward to watching my bot farm grow xD. ps sorry if english is broken still learning.
  9. Have been using this to level my low hp gmauler and it is flawless. this is the second khal script i've boughten and i'm very impressed 10/10
  10. dat dewd

    Perfect Thiever

    got 4 suicide accounts to 99 in under a month bigup 10/10
  11. dat dewd

    Stealth Quester

    This has to the most satisfying no bs script i've ever used in my history of botting. bigups 10/10
  12. dat dewd

    Fruity NMZ

    As always awsome scripts from fruity. 9/10
  13. Has some minor issues but but runs flawlessly aslong as the user has common sense. 9/10
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