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  1. looking to buy sum gp but im from Canada so meaning im looking to buy it from a Canadian selling if possible
  2. buying gp, message me looking to buy 100m atm assp , from canada , etransfer please
  3. okay 10mill sounds good but you dont got any feed back
  4. looking to buy an acc for osrs with pet on it any lvl combat and im looking to pay with gp in game
  5. looking to buy 180-200m this friday in the afternoon. hit me up with ur prices thanks soo much. Hmu on discord Tdotescape#5828
  6. Great and fast trade for 180m  with him, will be returning thanks alot man 

  7. hello im just here to buy osrs gp and enjoy the game and have a great day thank you guys 

  8. hit me up with your prices looking to buy 150to 200m. i already pay 145$ cad for 200mill if you can do better link me in my discord: Tdotescape#5828, has to be in canada or the USA please and ty
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