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  1. sammy112

    Stealth NMZ

    may i have a trial :D?
  2. You offer trial for this script ?
  3. Could i get a trial for this ?
  4. sammy112

    Stealth Quester

    Okej thanks anyways my friend
  5. sammy112

    Stealth Quester

    this looks awesome! any chanse i can get a trial?
  6. Looks awesome possible to get a trial?
  7. I would love a trial for this before buying thanks
  8. hello this script look impressive, is it possible to get a trial before purschasing?
  9. Hello first of i wanna say i love this script works very well. i have noticed 2 things that could be fixex. 1. Sometimes when using the south dragon spawn with telegrab the bot somtimes "miss click" and just rans away far east and then back again. 2. sometimes when attacked by a player runs deeper into the wilderness, it should run back and use tele if not able to hop worlds. Same thing if the NPC attacks you. all over very nice script really love it.
  10. is there any chanse i can get a trial for this?
  11. I would love a free trial before making a purshase thanks!
  12. I would really appreciate a free trial to try it out before buying, thanks
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