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  1. pm me with stats and price if u want to sell
  2. i don't really need to win this but i want to win
  3. MK MK

    Acc Service.

    i can do them for the 150k ea
  4. i appealed got email back 20 mins later that they checked and didn't make a mistake just hard to understand they could respond that fast on a sunday pretty salty had 20m on it since i was doing it legit
  5. thats some bs so i get banned while the last time i botted is years ago and last time i used autoclicked is like 8 months ago now i made a fresh acc and it randomly gets banned
  6. i made an account yesterday started off doing some quests today i wanted to start training range with cannon but it logged me off after i got 20 range they said i botted did this happen to any1 before and is there anything u could do about it
  7. MK MK

    some skills

    i can do 52-58 fishing for 2m
  8. i can just do fishing for 17m
  9. system can still detect ur botting but people won't report cause they don't see u as a bot
  10. MK MK

    Rogue outfit

    can do for 8m
  11. even a little farm makes some extra money looking good tho
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