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  1. - Script name wintertodt - trial length 2 days if possible - Reason for trial wanaa see how well it works and see ban rate before purchase - Are you ging to give feedback on the script? duhhh your my fav scripter tbh
  2. Which role are you applying for? : skilling What's your age? : 24 What is your Runescape experience? : 15 years Where do you live? : missouri USA How often do you play? : every day How long are you planning to work for us? : as long as i keep making money Do you agree to my terms? yes i agree
  3. like title says buying coal bag accounts add my discord javjimen1996#5044
  4. Created a quick script to be used with @ProjectPact mule trading script. you will use his script to trade items from bot account ---> Mule account you will use my script to trade from Mule account ---> bot account. this script will only accept trades and will do nothing else so is only good if using botfarm manager or farmaton. Must start script in the same world as bot accounts and same bank area as where you have your bots set to mule link to @ProjectPact thread on here: https://pposb.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=298 link to @ProjectPact thread on osbot: https:
  5. as title says want to buy fungus ready accounts cant have email. add me on discord javjimen1996#5044
  6. - Script name khal pest control - trial length 24 hours - Reason for trial want to test it out to see if i want to buy - Are you ging to give feedback on the script? of course!
  7. can i please get trial? @Khaleesi
  8. Please refer to the link below to view the terms and services [GLOBAL] OSBot Terms of Service [MUST-READ] quote and order request form below (copy and paste) 1- what type of service are you requesting? 2- what exact jobs are you wanting done from the service you have selected? 3- what payment method will you be using? 4-link to middle man (if using) 5-Do you agree to the Terms of Services as seen in the link below?
  9. these accounts i was using have over 2 week resting period ive even tested it on a couple of mains i had. i use some of your other scripts and they are good i just dont want this one if i can pleae get refund that would be awesome!
  10. dude every account i use with this bot gets banned literally within 30 minutes
  11. need someone in the united states to make me zammy wine accs and possibly get coal bag as well on them. add me on discord javjimen1996#5044
  12. so far ive only done a few quests using this script but im liking it so far. would be pretty dope if you added like a requirements popup over each quest or block out quests you cant complete yet or categorize them
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