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  1. nz420

    55-77 RC

    60m probably 7 days, could push to 4 days if you wanted Oh I’m not trusted haha
  2. The script factory idea will work well if you wanna go that way. I got a simple splasher that I use on monks. It attacks the monk, moves mouse off screen and then comes back and clicks on the monk after the random timings I have set. I’ve used this to get 70 magic with just mind runes a few times. No bans what’s so ever and I would run the account for 20 hours with a 4 hour break, but I reckon I could skip the 4 hour break tbh
  3. Could I please have a trail on this, just wanna see if I’m gonna run into that reported bug on the last two pages before buying. Cheers bro
  4. Hey bro. could i have a trial on this script?
  5. I should win so I don’t have to worry about making sure I have money when I forget my vip runs out
  6. all i see is free trials haha. this script is good ive been making heaps from it. easy to make blood rc accounts
  7. Try sf, should be pretty easy to set something up
  8. Around 30m ish I believe
  9. Gonna give this a try tonight
  10. Could probably push 100m for it
  11. Was wondering what prices the following kinda go for, minnows ready without angler outfit/with outfit Bf ready accounts with coal bag/ice gloves 60 smithing Bf accounts without coal bag ice gloves Staker ready accounts basically just 99/99/99 Looking at what I might start building next, if there’s any other accounts that people want let me know
  12. oh shit, someone is happy then
  13. keeping things alive and interesting, this is a game changer
  14. nz420


    15-30m probably
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