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  1. Hopefully there aren't any narcs on the OSB forums lol
  2. Can't overstate how awesome this project is.
  3. A lot better than with stealth injection.
  4. I've never gotten it to work consistently. It'll connect one day (and freeze the osb window) then stop working altogether.
  5. Posting to remind you of the potential issue with if distance to entity == / != using the new ignore diagonals option
  6. Wondering if you could add relative y and relative x to help handle widgets on scrolling menus. Thank you
  7. All good man - it's still new for me too that SF is being run on OSBot's forums. Appreciate the help anyway
  8. Example: I want to list multiple nightmare zone bosses in a single string and have checks when setting up the dream to pull from the same list of bosses. ExampleString: King Roald, Me, The Kendal if ExampleString contains King Roald enable King Roald in setup
  9. Nifty Warrior Guild This script should take you all the way from bronze to dragon defender. Please let me know if you run into any issues. Instructions: Start near Warrior Guild bank, wearing all of your gear. Have plenty of food stocked Enter your food type (Shark, Lobster, etc.) Enter the armor type you want to animate (Black, Mithril, etc.) Confirm whether you want to stop the script upon getting the dragon defender ("Yes" or "No") That's it. Progress reports:
  10. I don't see why SF shouldn't have its own forums section with proper sub-forums. I admit there are some low quality ones that have been put up but it feels wrong to have them all in a section that calls out that they might be malicious...
  11. Nifty Agility current version: v. 2.01 Courses available: - Gnome Stronghold - Complete - Draynor Village - Complete - Varrock - Complete - Canifis - Complete - Falador - Complete - Seers Village - Complete - Pollnivneach - Complete - Ardougne - Complete Configuration: I'm more than happy to take feedback but I can't promise quick updates. Enjoy. Updates: -v1.01 - Fixed user input mess up -v1.02 - Added progressive support and fixed two bugs -v1.03 - Break handler added (by Powerrange
  12. I understand the merge has just happened, but can you guys break up the community script sections like we had on the old forums? It'd definitely be more user friendly if all 50+ community scripts weren't just consolidated in a single subsection.
  13. Are you sure this isn't a joke? https://www.sothebysrealty-france.com/en/manors-castles-for-sale-france/
  14. No problem! Can't wait to check it out after release
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