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  1. gz on the big 2.0
  2. Thank you both for the input
  3. Nothing really to show off in terms of stats other than RC. Have the RC pet insured and in the bank. Currently using the account to make blood runes.
  4. What is this black magic?
  5. Middle mouse is gonna be a great addition. Looking forward to it
  6. Can't wait to put this to use
  7. Yay custom mouse profiles
  8. Thanks for the update so I can congratulate and get my post count up
  9. Can't wait to try this out
  10. Sure would be nice if they fully supported any other client. I feel your pain
  11. Nifty

    AFK Dancer

    I like the script
  12. Thanks Kanye, very cool
  13. Big updates coming soon tm
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