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  1. Hey folks, Got some bots going obviously and when I'm at work I check in make sure they're alive and such.. sometimes on osrs the screen is player level (like when you press down on the arrow keys) I'm curious if anyone knows how to make the screen go up (if you pressed up on arrow keys) I tried pressing up arrow on mobile and it doesn't move the camera angle.. im sure this is really confusing but maybe someone understand
  2. Thanks guys, I was undercutting myself because they wernt selling.
  3. As title mentioned, All Crates are Unopened, over 500 Crates. Unregistered as well
  4. Hammy x 27

    Stealth NMZ

    It's working again, wasn't his fault. This script is amazing I'm not gonna lie.
  5. Hammy x 27

    Stealth NMZ

    I can't seem to figure out what's happening. I don't really know how to send you the log.but it gets the potions and the can't get the dream started. He doesn't talk to the guy.. just stands outside. Doesn't do anything, within 5 minutes script ends
  6. Is there a way to add on the break manager. Log out after 3 games or 4 games... etc etc
  7. Hammy x 27

    Stealth NMZ

    Awesome, yeah shortly after i posted this i found panda and went through him thank you!
  8. Hammy x 27

    Stealth NMZ

    @Tokentrying to find a discord link or a link in general so i can talk about buying with GP
  9. How about with Full prospector and upper level MLM unlocked and both the mining gloves
  10. Sorry i asked already in another post,,,, With a few additions though
  11. Small quantity currently Only 19m currently. Selling at .50/M USD PayPal only Discord Hammy #1593
  12. Trying to build my name Buying .48/m USD Discord Hammy #1593
  13. I currently have a 60/60/60 as well, Quested
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