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  1. I know it would be easier to draw conclusions if I did this with a huge sample of accounts but I don't think my account survived just due to luck. In my experience (with a series of accounts), Jagex's detection methods have been very consistent in detecting me when I am using Stealth Injection mode. I am wondering whether there is anything different about the OSbot client after the previous update and whether ban rate will increase after Jagex detects more accounts using the OSbot client.
  2. I have now been using stealth injection for 2 days to train an account and I haven't gotten banned. Before the most recent update of the OSbot client, I would get banned within a couple hours (if not immediately after leaving tutorial island) when botting with stealth injection mode. Why is the OSbot client suddenly capable of evading detection in ways that it couldn't before?
  3. I'm using @Apaec's APA Sand Crabs. The break profile feature worked the first time I tried it, then it stopped working. I haven't gotten it to work at all with other scripts.
  4. The break profile (within the OSbot client) suddenly stopped working for me. I currently have 1 break profile, which I saved. I have selected the "Enable Breaks" box. I have selected the following features within the break profile: Bot for (minutes) [ ] - [ 5 ] Break for (minutes) [ ] - [ 5 ] I have selected the "Set Active" box. What do I need to do to get the client's break profile feature working again?
  5. Thanks! Looks good so far. How do I set up the break manager?
  6. Can I have a trial please?
  7. Does this script use the agility shortcut when collecting buckets of slime at the Ectofuntus?
  8. Are there any publicly available OSbot scripts that train prayer using the Ectofuntus? Is anyone working on one?
  9. @Khaleesi , can you adjust the "1-50 firemaking at GE" feature so that you don't get stuck in the "clans" area or the "games room" area? These two areas were just added to the GE.
  10. No. I had to stop the script and make the fishcake by hand.
  11. I got this error in the RFD Pirate Pete Subquest. My character walked into the Lumbridge dining room, then the error appeared. Error: failed to withdraw items - Expected: Crab meat x 3Pestle and mortar x 1Raw cod x 3Bread x 3Knife x 1Kelp x 3Falador teleport x 1 - Received: Crab meat x 3Pestle and mortar x 1Raw cod x 3Bread x 3Knife x 1Kelp x 3Falador teleport x 1
  12. Thanks! I tried it and I really like the way the safe-spotting feature works. Is there a way to schedule breaks between tasks?
  13. can I have a free trial?
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