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  1. localbot

    Perfect Agility

    hey bud can i get a 49 hour trial for this?
  2. how will the runelite plugin work, an how can i get it?
  3. hey can i try aa free trial bud
  4. how can i get this sexy ass script
  5. I know there is a bot cult on here that run private scripts, i;d like to be apart of it. i want to buy vip tooo . how do i buy it
  6. Hey has this script been recently updated seen that you've commented on this
  7. localbot


    can i try this out for 48 hours? i wont be home today so i was just wondering
  8. What's your opinion on him? Honestly he's helping us make bots better imo.. IF he want's to hunt us let him do so but at the end of the day we will adapt. it's not like we're breaking the game. we just enjoy botting.. Some of his recent videos are false, I've never heard of a neural bot.. sometimes i feel like he makes up a bunch of stuff for content idk tho that's my opinion I'm kinda new here tbh.
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