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  1. MirrorMode for all MirrorMode has been a feature exclusive to VIP subscribers. This will remain to be for some time, but we want to make MirrorMode free for all users to decrease detectability for the collective. In return, many of the new features we are creating, will become exclusive to VIP members to ensure they get the most value out of their subscription. As we work on finding any and all issues on our end, whilst producing a series of scripts of the highest standard possible, we want everyone to benefit from zero technical detectability and by doing so automatically reduce the input our client gives to machine learning algorithms designed to find and identify botting behaviour, reducing bans on behaviour.' Are we any closer to getting mirror mode for non vip?
  2. Jagex wont respond... they barely do
  3. the bot doesn't let me mine it logs me out when I try to use it
  4. the link is dead. please fix so I can buy membs
  5. Im just saying would it be worth it if we made a mobile bot from osbot? since they have low detect ban rates
  6. hey bud can i get a 49 hour trial for this?
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