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  1. Ty, didnt know if its specifically a mirror issue or not
  2. @MGI Is this related to mirror version .200? I don't see any change notes for the release
  3. Does this fix any crashing issues that i mentioned in the .35 release thread?
  4. mirror seems to be crashing after 2-6 hours (Mirror mode graphics freeze and OSRS client goes black) Also norandoms (autologin) seems to stop initiating on script start after 2-6 hours only started happening since this update and it's not happening consistantly - if i can provide anything to help let me know
  5. Also been following this for a while, one to watch out for!
  6. Pretty much - stealth is pretty useless honestly, I wont touch it at all, same with many others. Only time to use it is probably if suiciding - and probably not even then.
  7. Can probably add the specific NPC ID for the level experiment you want to fight. So instead of "Experiment" it would be something like "1234". https://www.osrsbox.com/tools/npc-search/ Might be easier to use the OSBot client settings to figure out the ID for the specific level one you want to add. Experiment 1273 Experiment 1274 Experiment 1275 One of OSBots best and most versatile scripts imo. My most favourite purchase so far.
  8. Silent


    I would likely buy this if mirror mode jad was possible. Stealth is so bad I never use it, same as many other users i'd imagine.
  9. Runelite is open source i believe - except for the actual jagex part (i might be wrong). I think its just general consensus that it's not a good idea to use and thus breaks from time to time with no fix from the devs. Really hoping we can get this working well again?
  10. @9tails96 maybe respond with something useful
  11. Same... would be good to have it working. Seems like everyone says just use original client but I dont feel like thats the attitude to have. Also it's been mentioned many times that hooking other clients possibly increases the chance of bans - I feel like thats probably not the case honestly. Most high level/legit players are on Runelite/OpenOSRS/OSBuddy etc - i think its best to mimic real players as close as possible. Either way i'd happily take the risk and experiment with it if we could get it working. OSRS client is often quite laggy/freezes up often for a second or so. I can get runelite/OpenOSRS to hook both 32/64bit by doing this: Install client Disable all plugins (probably not needed) Set runelite settings: Resize type: Keep game size Lock Window Size:Enabled Contain in screen:Always Custom window chrome:disabled Then hide the sidebar with the key toggle "Ctrl+F11" Close the client down. Open OSBot mirror mode and have it waiting to hook. Re-run the installer for the client and leave the "Open Runelite/OpenOSRS" box ticked. The mirror mode client will hook into this each time u open runelite/OpenOSRS from the installers launch option. However I can't get web walking to work in runelite/OpenOSRS client both in 32/64bit. OSBuddy I can hook straight off the install with plugins disabled - but mirror mode shows a frozen replication of the client that is not interactable. Can we please get some update? support was added but doesn't seem to work.
  12. Hi All, I have 5 accounts that look exactly the same and fit a specific profile for what they are botting. Obviously not the best idea I guess but eitherway. 3/5 of these accounts received a 2 day temporary ban. The bans have expired since but I didnt know if I should bother to appeal them or not? Upon further inspection by jagex staff, it would be extremely obvious these accounts were created specifically to bot. So do I bother to appeal the bans? if so which appeal option would you choose?
  13. You can use the built in break timer on OSBot - Make sure to set your tile to return too if you are not safe spotting.
  14. Probably the guy talking about sharing his account i'd expect. You tried clearing your OSbot cache?
  15. Uninstall your java on control panel > add/remove programs reinstall java: https://javadl.oracle.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=245060_d3c52aa6bfa54d3ca74e617f18309292 if you still have problems check out jarfix https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
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