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  1. Which role are you applying for? : Levelling/Questing/Minigame Contract What is your experience like? : Worked for debuff in the past want to get back giving you quality work your customers will love. Where do you live? : United Kingdom Forms of contact? (Skype/Discord) : Skype: Henry.Quemard Discord: <3 Fruit <3#3529 How often do you play? : 6–9 hours per day. Do you agree to my terms? : Yes Do you have any questions? : How do you guys keep being so awesome?
  2. I got two feedback from ditty1 on the first one he put he instead of she, could I please get the first feedback the one were I was addressed as he removed? thank you.
  3. - Do you agree to the ToS? Agree - Do you agree about the deposit? Agree, payed in full already - What's your Skype? Harley Fruit & Barley Discord: Fruit & Barley#1178 - What are you applying for? Light Quester, Skilling, Misc tasks if I feel I can handle it
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