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  1. hey bro can i get a pyrmid plunder trial please

    1. Eagle Scripts

      Eagle Scripts

      Sure thing. Trial granted :).

  2. TommyC


    may i get on a trial on this too please
  3. can i get a trial as i have 99 thiev on a iron man but dont have all reqs like anti dote and nardah tele. want to see if it works outwith before i buy it
  4. Iv been botting none stop and no ban ? Saying there has been bans is different to some one first hand saying they have been banned....
  5. Silver lining to this current horrid and scary situation. I'm pretty sure jagex HQ is on shutdown and staff working from home. At most they will be at 10% employee attendance just to "keep the plates spinning". Fellow lads and lass's I bid you 2 weeks of suicide botting. Iv had 3 accs botting constantly without logout since boris (our amazing PM) has had the UK on total lockdown. No bans. Please keep me updated if you get one and I will do the same. Happy botting
  6. can i get a trial pretty please
  7. well the fact iv ran many scripts without issue and yours is the only one that just breaks... im good thanks just refund me and cancel my subscription. looks like i did post on your post after all huh.
  8. I'm done. I want a refund. Bot cant get passed 3 chests.
  9. really struggling with this script, close to asking for money back. script constantly breaking having to baby sit it. cant get passed 3 trips without just stopping. doesnt work with dueling rings as it constantly swaps it around inventory (for 30 mins+) probs gonna get a ban due to that stupid miss hap . honestly. really pissing me off . all of khal's scripts can leave over night. chris perft dragons easily leave over night. this cant last 20 mins?????????
  10. used this bot alot yet all of a sudden it is just doing nothing? at grave yard drags. it sets up inv fine and gets to graveyard then nothing . helppppppp p.s love the script. even if it is brokenededededed for me atm
  11. Damn got to 93 fishing and got temp ban no more botting on that acc now lol. Epic script tho
  12. Cant send you a DM. the fishing trawler bot isnt working 

  13. Doesnt work any more ? Walks around boat when waiting, then just stands still? Is there a special way I need my inventory ??
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