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  1. discord me : OS-MJs#7362
  2. if any one want to boost their Gauntlet or Corrupted Gauntlet KC , please feel free to find me Can PM me here or discord @ OS-MJs#7362 $$ per kill depends on the levels if 99s , 1.5m per Gauntlet Kill or 2.75m per Corrupted Gauntlet Kill.
  3. absorbs way or ppots way? then i will be able to give u a better quote plus attack level on the pure?
  4. Same! my zerker got unbanned too that was banned 4-5 years ago. was wearing full void and stuff , and once i clicked to move , my whole gear vanished plus ye bank complete wiped , jagex shouldnt have remove the untradables.
  5. daweed

    PK account

    Message me on Discord since i am more active there. Discord : OS-MJs#7362
  6. daweed

    PK account

    got a gmauler account - 50 attack 99 str and Range 15 prayer + Firecape , Mith Gloves
  7. Sold my this batch of 2Bil , next time buddy.
  8. 27.5m brotha if u can get 2 more range level , price will be reduced.
  9. Defense lvl? contact me on discord : OS-MJs#7362
  10. can sell it brotha. Only via crypto , aint got cashapp or venmo here.
  11. Title says it. post ur offers or slide into my dm or add me on discord for further discussion only accepting crypto - No Paypal,Venmo or cash app. Thanks.
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