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  1. Added you on discord !
  2. can do this for you bro hit me up asap discord - taxseazon or pm me 5m for kill
  3. Can do these quests manually if you’d like as well dm if interested discord - taxseazon
  4. I know this isn’t my business, but some mod will read this comment anyway. I just read this whole thread, and given the time stamps, I believe that this person had the intent to scam the OP. This thread was made on the 11th, and the user claimed to have no access to his PC for “weeks”. Yet, on this second account he created @NevinC27 , he was posting on August 15th asking for bot trials lol. So he’s already acknowledged that his main account was banned, which is ban evasion by the way. When he realized he couldn’t access scripts from this second account, that’s when he felt guilty and had to face reality. I believe the user is now trying to make amends because his main account was banned and he can no longer access the scripts he’s purchased. So he had to wait some time to get the money to refund the user, which is what took him “weeks” to reply, in hopes that he can get access to his account again. Hence all he’s asking for is to get unbanned, no apologies to the OP for all the inconvenience. It’s alright to make amends, but be honest about it and take accountability. Kinda sus IMO. Again, this is just my opinion on things and it really doesn’t matter here, but I can smell bullshit from a mile away.
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