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  1. I’m paying you 2m per acc Do tutorial island obtain 20 quest points it doesn’t matter how you get it ( obviously non bottled ) what you level up on the account, I just need the 20 quest point must provide screenshots of progress i will provide every account Pm me or add me on discord - #TaxSeazon6091
  2. stats on acc: 71 atk 75 str 71 dedf 76 range 75 mage 75 hp 77 pray all prayers i need 53-70 slayer you can keep all drops i provide food and gear
  3. paying someone to run me 10 accounts through tut island ill provide accs you do tut island 100k per account add me on discord -- TaxSeazon#6091 will need further services after this one
  4. @ysadobles bro is doing this all for me
  5. need 56-72 mining via motherload 57-70 agility via rooftops collecting marks of grace 20-70 hunter 55-60 thieving 54-62 fishing 57-70 woodcutting 53-70 smithing via blast furnace 41-70 farming comment what you can do and price/discord or add me - TaxSeazon#6091
  6. need firecape 75 range 70 def 77 pray comment your price/discord or add me - TaxSeazon#6091
  7. TaxSeazon

    need skills

    50-60 mining via motherload 50-55 wc 9-50 hunter comment your price/discord or add me - TaxSeazon#6091 all needs to be done by one person
  8. @ysadoblesis doing this for me.
  9. What’s up osbot family. If you listen to rap, tune into my music video. yes this is 100% me lol. I appreciate y’all for taking the time to view my video. keep on scaping, happy New Years!
  10. Only if doing it with slayer, prefer to gain hp levels as well.
  11. need 51-75 range comment your price/discord or add me - TaxSeazon#6091
  12. need this done today hit me up
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