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  1. 20m done in less than 24 hours. discord - TaxSeazon#6091 can start right away bro
  2. bump still need this
  3. Need 90-95 attack, strength, and Defence via Dharoking NMZ i provide all supplies comment your price or add me on Discord - TaxSeazon#6091
  4. just noticed this was wrong section ! Thank you can a mod please have this thread moved to services section?
  5. TaxSeazon

    pure quests

    30-42 thieving temple of ikov troll stronghold 42-53 thieving 20-50 firemaking need this done on my 1 def pure acc stats of acc: 45 atk 70 str 21 pray 70 range 66 hp 99 mage comment your price or add me on discord - TaxSeazon#6091
  6. @Fratem is doing this
  7. need the following quests : dragon slayer 2 a night at the theater architectural alliance a kingdom divided song of the elves below ice mountain stats of account https://gyazo.com/84df6d4d9a3b19fd6d6cc48b88b4c0cd comment your price or add me on Discord - TaxSeazon#6091
  8. What ? Please post something relevant to my topic. ON-TOPIC: STILL need someone to do this !
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