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  1. Bought 250m 07 from us! Thank you so much! :D

  2. Buying 600m 07 GP, will be paying with BTC/Coinbase.
  3. Im sorry Bobo, found someone who was willing to do it half the price and is close to finishing already. I do appreciate ur effort tho, and will join ur discord if i need something in the future
  4. Hey sounds good, i'd prefer charter to be honest, since the account is a level 3, 10 HP Hardcore IM, but the account is 99 mining tho. Let me know when you could start and approximately how long it would take. Also in what would u like to be payed? GP or Crypto?
  5. Need this on my ironman. Would need 50k of each, let me know prices. Not needed to do all 50k, u can do 10 or 20.
  6. Hey guys I need following done on my IM. This is a mid level ironman, around 1550 total. Paying in BTC/ETH or GP. - Arceuus, Lovakengj, Shayzien from 0 to 100 and Piscarilius from 20 to 100. (80 Agility, Graceful, 80 Mining/58 Smithing) - 25k Sand/Ash bought from charter ships - Farming set, Gricoller's can, Herb sack and Seed box. (80 Agil, 61 Farming, no lunars) - 200 Tempoross KC - 70 to 90 thieving on ardy knights.
  7. Got most of this stuff done, can be closed. thanks
  8. Will add you to discuss further, later when i come from work
  9. Hi guys, i need some minigame thingies and some skills done on my ironman. Keep in mind its a 1450 total level ironman, has gear like green dhide, torso, d scim ect. Let me know the prices for each thing separate please Penance skirt & ranger hat Void and all 3 helms (70 CB) Farming outfit with seed box and herb sack. (55 Farming, 80 agil, no staminas or lunars done) 50 to 70 range 60 to 65 attack 60 to 65 strength
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