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  1. I'm running too many accs to run on just my home IP. Weird, I thought that when you change locations you get locked even on home IP. Tried both, different countries, different proxies, no luck. Yeah it's weird, I'm still testing it but not all accs get locked. I think they might have added city targeting(?) I haven't really seen topics about it so thought that's just me... guess they're really trying to fight f2p bots now. Damn that sucks... thought about trying this.
  2. Accs have been made on a residential IP, botted on a proxy from the same country, still getting locks. Anyone else getting this? I've tried like 5-6 proxy providers (even 1 residential proxy). The tut accs have been rested for at least a week.
  3. What up dude 68b made from zulrah

  4. Price: $0.47/m Crypto only atm. Discord: NinjadGuy#8582 Unique ID: 226876865019772928
  5. Price: $0.73/m BTC only. Discord: NinjadGuy#8582 Unique ID: 226876865019772928
  6. I'd love a price check for this: Lvl 3 to abyss ready, 50 def, 40+ hp, 50 agi, 50 mining, 50 rc, the mini quest and 3 rune pouches.
  7. The acc will be freshly registered, you have to do tut island as well. 1st acc has to be abyss ready, something like 50 def, 40+ hp, 50 agi, 50 mining, 50 rc, the mini quest and 3 rune pouches) 2nd acc has to be barrows ready, something like 75 magic, 75 ranged, 70 def/str/att, 60 prayer and priest in peril. You will pay for the bond, the supplies and pretty much everything needed to make this account. Let me know the final price (supplies and bond are covered by you). Let me know an ETA, must be reasonable. I have the right to ask for a cool down up to 1 week, most likely wi
  8. Because I can't have people take as long as they want. Once you start working on accs for me, I won't let other people train accs for me (assuming I don't need more). I need a reasonable ETA.
  9. You're probably trying to load a UK world, there is maintenance going on atm. If you're using CLI make sure to load a German world. Had the same issue last week.
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