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  1. ZaRRiTE left Negative feedback   

    Recovered account that I bought from him.

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  2. Magy left Positive feedback   

    A++ completed service for me on 2 accounts thx.

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  3. die zezima45 left Positive feedback   

    I bought an account from him quick and easy!

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  4. Magy left Positive feedback   

    A++ Bought zulrah account, quick trade and also bonded the account, thx

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  5. logicul left Positive feedback   

    Bought two more accounts from him and going first yet again. Trustworthy guy.

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  6. logicul left Positive feedback   

    Bought another Zulrah account from him. I went first. Vouch!

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  7. logicul left Positive feedback   

    Purchased two Zulrah accounts from him. Great seller. Really fast transaction.

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  8. Keven left Positive feedback   

    Bought accs off him!

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  9. micboy999 left Positive feedback   

    buy 2 account was veryfast and ncie service thanks :)

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  10. boldcorn74 left Positive feedback   

    Completed Regicide, Underground Pass, and Mage Arena for him on 3 accounts. Smooth service!

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  11. leony left Positive feedback   

    Did 2x slayer training

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  12. Ghgh0000 left Positive feedback   

    Did 4x slayer training for him. Extremely friendly and quick payment. Cheers!

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  13. Divergent07 left Positive feedback   

    Did x7 Eagle's Peak quests for him! Extremely friendly and patient guy!

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  14. Ghgh0000 left Positive feedback   

    Did Underground pass, Family Crest and Freeing King Awowogei quests for him. Super fast payment. Cheers.

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  15. TaxSeazon left Positive feedback   

    Did service for him. Thanks for using me fam

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  16. Furious 7 left Positive feedback   

    Did Heroes' Quest for him. Thank you <3

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  17. sarsi96 left Positive feedback   

    Bought 2x zulrah ready account again, 0 problem. Friendly & trustworthy A+++

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  18. IxLr84u2Nv left Positive feedback   

    bought nmz account, i was having a hard time doing it due to being horrible with computers, but he was patient, would recommend this seller

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  19. sarsi96 left Positive feedback   

    Zulrah account supplier. A+++

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  20. Anomaly left Positive feedback   

    Bought 50m 07

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  21. ukasz left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 2x ranged acc !! ++++

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  22. unicornpoorn left Positive feedback   

    made him 3x 30 attack str defence range and mage 1500 slayer xp

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  23. sarsi96 left Positive feedback   

    Bought zulrah ready account from him. Very friendly&trustworthy A+++

    BronzeTier was The Seller

  24. Account Merchant left Positive feedback   

    Did regicide, underground pass, mage arena 1 for him. Quick and easy payment

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

  25. unicornpoorn left Positive feedback   

    Made 2 60,60,60 account for him trusted a+

    BronzeTier was The Buyer

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