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  1. Could buy a used server rack, can get an 8 core E5 series chip with 64gb ram for about $250 on ebay if you're just using it for botting
  2. It's under the "Other" section on the SDN
  3. Please let me know gp/xp, I'm after 11.4m xp Account has best in slot gear with slayers staff and ammonite crabs unlocked Add my discord to let me know price D9BLADEE#2147 thanks! Found an offer guys thanks
  4. Idk I'm just guessing Just you always see everyone undercutting on these threads when everyones posting their price
  5. So people don't undercut him?
  6. Glad to hear it man I believe OSBot has a built in break handler?
  7. Fair - can add the email then
  8. It's just easier, rather than there being two sets of credentials per account you only have one. Are there any benefits from adding the email?
  9. Didn't read the last line of your post to be fair, no email set would be better for selling
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