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  1. Magy

    [S] 07 Gold

    Sold, will update thread when I have more stock.
  2. Selling 07 gold currently at rate : $0.45/m Stock : - Payment method : BTC only Note : I will not go first unless you are highly trusted, otherwise we will use verified middleman or you go first. Discord : Rasmus#3379
  3. It's the venezuelans that are crashing the gold prices. They will sell for almost any price because that is their job, they will still earn more than doctors and other highly educated people in their country. Handfarmers rarely get banned and the entire country is goldfarming on 07.
  4. Magy


    can sell 1b 0.60 btc - not going first, can use middleman.
  5. Btc only 0,60$/m - I wont go first to people with low vouches, can use mm.
  6. gl, btw u should get 45 prayer instead of 43 to unlock mystic might
  7. Magy


    3 more today, bump
  8. Hey add my discord Rasmus#3379
  9. Magy


    bump, 4 in stock Sold out, can make more in request. Also taking custom orders!
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