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  1. I personaly would over ride the login handler... you do loss a some things... but will it do what you ask.
  2. Sounds like a memory leak your script. It is making a lot of objects and not letting go of them; the Garbage collector cant get rid of them... In all of my shitty programs I have never ran out of memory in the JVM...
  3. random(60)*random(1000) ... you are using 2 random vars for things that are units.... this should work ... random(5*60,6*60)*60*1000;
  4. All bounties claimed
  5. There are some items with very little trade volume. Example Burnt bones that sell for the ge price of 230 coins but if you wanted to buy them you would have to pay about 1k each. Other examples are unfinshed pies, unfired clay items, items that no one would ever use/buy. So example (pick a different item this one might work) if you collect 100 bones on your main account. You put them in the GE for 1k (check the margines before starting) each and on the bot buy them for 1k each. Your main has 100k and your bot has 100 burnt bones. Sell the bones at 231 on the bot and on the main buy them. So now your main has 78.9k and 100 bones. repeat till you can't trade any more money. https://imgur.com/a/ugzVNR7
  6. Use the ge with Items that have a large price diffence (like they buy for 10k and sell back for 30 gp) and are easy to make. Just merch the money on to a non-restricted account and trade it to a main.
  7. Why would you care if the interaction is succesful? you just click and move on and if it fails come back with a second(slower) pass
  8. Our loops do the same exact thing and will fuck up in the same way..... but mine can do diffent chaining types...
  9. Post code in a git or paste bin, no way to know what the problem is with out see the code.
  10. I think this is would be better... int chain[] ={0,1,2,3,4,5,6,...,28}; int chain[] ={0,4,8,12,16,20,24,1,5,9,13,17,...}; for (int i = 0; i < 28; i++) { Item item =getInventory().getItemInSlot(chain[i]); if (item!=null &&(item.getName().contains("pack"))){ getInventory().interact(chain[i],"Open"); sleep.... } }
  11. Does Authentication work when you run it out side, solo[by it self]? I was have problems with google Sheets API and clojue and might have the fix.
  12. Yes, But amount of shit that go wrong. Cheep parts that are fire hazards, Fake/rebranded parts that fit but are not as good, parts that take legit months to get to you(covid or not), miss matched parts. No refunds... list could go on. With a pre-built by you get within x day (almost guaranteed )... Its plug and play...most people have a refunds...you know what you are getting... Its Botting in the next 2 week for 250 dallars or possibly botting in 1-2 months for 100-150 dallars. In the end its your money do what ever you want.
  13. Nbacon

    Weird ban?

    Are you using an emulator? because I think that is a dead give way.
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