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  1. So I noticed most RSPS clients have broken hooks or something that causes the bot client to not load into the RSPS server. There are many servers out there which have minimal bot detection and would be awesome to test and run scripts in terms of functionality etc. But I cant seem to find much regarding how to connect a bot client to an RSPS server or how to make one like how OSBOT connects to OSRS. Does anyone have any idea or clue as I would like to take this up as a small project of mine if possible. Many RSPS that can be gold farmed although yielding low profit I can atleast finance my OSRS expenses and learn some codding along the way too. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am looking for a 90-99 mage pure, I dont care how its trained but it has to be hand trained and from a trusted user. I dont want 10hp pures as they're usually splashed and more expensive. I just want high hp regardless of hp levels. Thanks. Discord: Nimby#0058
  3. Added, I'm Nimby. I understand that but I believe that would take too much gp right? If I wanted a trained account I believe it would be 60 range 90 mage. or 90 mage, I dont care how much hp exp or what lvl the hp is. can you give me quote on these 2 account types? Thanks guys!
  4. I want to buy an acc as listed above, leave down what accs u have and how much they are and ill get back to you. I can pay in rsgp, paypal or we can just come up with something. I wont be buying the acc if you barely have any trades or don't have any reputation to back up being trusted. Thanks!
  5. Closed, I got it done by Bobo. Thanks everyone again!
  6. pm prices it has black d hide + msb + rune arrows, can get anything else if needed. Ill pay afterwards unless you can come up with a better alternative or are more trusted. Thanks! -done thanks.
  7. You can quest and get barrows gloves on them, generally RFD completed accounts are worth a lot but that might take a lot more time. But questing on the side on them would be beneficial as it will make the account look more human-like and lessen the times you bot making it more random.
  8. I have been botting for a very long time and have successfully gotten to total levels of 1600 by just botting and minimal gameplay. Though not a great achievement, its a nice milestone and I know there are better experienced botters out there but here are my 2 cents. My tips would be for beginners is: 1. Get ready to get banned several times before you find a certain thing you can bot safely, by this I mean through the hours and hours of time spent on trying to figure out how not to get banned, you figure out certain things that are less likely to get you banned. To name a few, I'd say stay away from woodcutting/hunting/agility or just general resource gathering skills used for bot farming gold. I dont mean dont bot them, I just mean bot way less and more infrequently and sporadically then having a systematic approach. 2. Always use mirror-mode - stealth is easily picked up, and mirror mode actually lessens the rate by a lot. 3. Instanced activities are generally safer - to name a few I'd say NMZ, etc. 4. try not to make ur botting activities systematic. By this I mean dont bot or assign things in certains hours and don't create a system that you have to bot x and y hours. The more you randomize your botting activities and change between activities the less you get banned. To get a better understanding you can read up upon how botting clients are detected and what behaviours cause them to be also. 5. Always check forum posts of scripts before running them for long hours, people tend to give feedback and vent on forums about how long a script ran, how well it ran and generally going through it can tell you how the script is doing in its current state, etc. 6. always change IP after a ban. 7. Be aware of jagex hours and how bans are rolled. There are 2 types of ban, 2 days ban are generally done manually and it means a mod spotted your account botting or went through it and deemed it as a botted account ( correct me if I'm wrong ), this for me could mean many things that I was caught in the act and maybe I should lessen my time there or find another spot thats less checked etc. Through playing rsps and coding them I believe mods generally scout areas for bots and do manual temp bans while being invisible. So I'd say if you find a spot or thing thats bottable, adding a extra layer would be to have that spot being unknown or very less visited. As this means you recieve less reports as well. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  9. Could I get a trial please, wasn't dissapointed by ur smither am very interested in this too!
  10. nimby


    May I get a trial please very interested. Also what room would be the fastest to get points or method?
  11. My bad, I read that wrong. understood now, thanks!
  12. Awesome! I'm one of the 16 thats cool to know. I only have 75 post now though I dont post much just view and bot mostly, was wondering if I'm allowed to just comment on spam stuff and get post count like that or is that not allowed? Thanks!
  13. Hi I dont understand the task management part, why cant we have a option to stop when out of resources instead of by item amount. How is item amount calculated? I just bought the script and its awesome, if i can get this figured out I'm all set. Thanks!
  14. nimby


    Hi, very interested in the script. could I have a trial please? Thank you.
  15. Hi, may I have a trial and also is mining guild supported? Thanks!
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