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    I'm Previously known as Bestcaper (2014 Dura) , TuttiFrutti (2018) & OSRS BUTLERS (2018).

    If you guys have been scammed by me in the past please DO provide Evidence of this to @Decode.

    I am a changed person and ultimately all I want is to be here on a clean conduct.

    All refunds will be done immediately as have been for the others.

    Thank you.

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  1. Fuck you little cockroach. Nice scam btw

  2. Did he scam or got banned for outsourcing orders?

    1. blogans


      Scammed, but has outsourced orders too.

  3. Matter of time poor bastard i knew it

  4. So sad.. He always did great job on my accounts.
    Guess i didnt have the bank to get scammed xD

  5. not surprised in the slightest.

  6. Done 10+ of these builds:) 7 day time frame. add me on discord OSRS-Butlers#7357
  7. Can do these Custom made OSRS-Butlers#7357
  8. Do not wait 24 hours if you've been potentially scammed. @Decode & @Juggles take note - the user might be attempting to scam more people if he did scam this guy here.
  9. Can do this RN bud OSRS-Butlers#7357
  10. Service already done Close
  11. 12.5M start now finish in 3 hours max.
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