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  1. Can do this 5.5m ea. As long as you provide the accounts + mem. baz#6422
  2. Individual proxies to prevent chain bans. Randomize botting times. Combine botting and manual play for best results. Accounts that I've used these methods on have never received a ban as of yet.
  3. The fewer bots per IP, the better. Some argue that chain bans isn't a thing. I would strongly disagree, the accounts I have used separate IPs for have NEVER been banned at the same time, whereas I've had accounts that were in the process of resting - that suddenly got banned alongside another bot on the same IP. Happy botting
  4. +1 the void set. I'd suggest doing some slayer and cannoning the tasks on which it is efficient until you reach lv 75. Once you're 75 just blowpipe in NMZ and you'll get some solid xp rates. Thanks,
  5. Open OSRS, via runelite, osbuddy or just the regular client and then try running mirror-mode alongside it? Let me know if that helps
  6. Hi, cannonballers I presume? I've made a fair amount of these previously. How many would you like? Cost would be 3-4M each.
  7. I don't have 100 posts yet so It needs to be as a service if you want it from me. You just need to provide the account. How many would you like, ideal price for each and time frame? baz#6422
  8. As a service right? How much are you paying?
  9. Can do this. Will do it even cheaper ;). Let me know how fast you need it done also please.
  10. Message me. I can have everything done within 15 days.
  11. As in... No magic... No range... No attack, and no strength?
  12. Give me an idea of your ideal stats?
  13. One way to prevent / avoid this from happening is by verifying the email. This prevents the auto-lock function Jagex has implemented. IP jumping with a verified email won't even get it locked :D. Hope this helps. p.s This has nothing to do with f2p/p2p.
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