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Status Updates posted by Juggles

  1. Hey how have you been friend? Long time no talk

  2. Hi

    1. Czar


      Greetings, fine sir!

  3. What up dude 68b made from zulrah

  4. Add me on discord I deleted skype a long time ago. also don't have PMs on because I got too many a day and I close down my private script service 

  5. Gratz on Super Mod 😉

  6. Hi where are you

    1. Aiban


      Man I got locked up cause I only wanted the 'Free' from the 'Buy 1 get 1 Free'.

      Smh ????

      Gotta go the warden is coming to my cell block. Talk to you when I get out ?

  7. Selling private scripts Skype: Joey-bots    Discord: Juggles #6302

  8. Making private scripts again! 

  9. Gratz!!!!

    1. Chris


      Thank you

      Buy me Chik Fil A

  10. Where you been 

    1. Aiban
    2. Aiban


      I saw the light and was overcome with the heaviest of emotions but it was soon replaced with warmth and love. All my troubles were instantly evaporated and I was only filled with happiness, tears were dripping down my face and I screamed at the top of my lungs and shook the earthly kingdom with my cry of salvation. I am blind but yet I see, I am wandering with no directions yet I will reach my destination and one day I will not exist yet will be immortal.

      My friend follow his light and welcome him into your heart so that you can share in my happiness and be showered with salvation. He loves you and has a plan for you and though you do not know, you are fulfilling it. Accept your plan and welcome him to your life so you can be showered with blessings. <3

  11. Hey

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    2. Chris


      @Juggles how did the exam go brother

    3. Juggles


      @Chris its at 3pm. Its over derivative rules, high order derivatives and relative rates 

    4. Chris
  12. Transy where you been 

  13. Wow how could you mate! sneee snaw!

  14. What up Zulrah slayer

    1. Attitudes


      I have retired and I pick grains for a living now

  15. Selling private scripts again 

  16. All scripts broken mate. 

  17. Selling vouchers, osbuddy pro, private scripts and now offering questing/NMZ services! Skype: Joey-bots 

  18. Zooooo Weeeee Botting!

  19. If you ain't botting, you ain't trying. 

  20. Where you at bro?
    Someone told me you opened an irl kebab business and quit farming. 

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