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  1. This is stopping when I try to start it. Using remmington, dragon bones and phial
  2. ILikeToCheat


    Looking for an account with at least 99 runecrafting or farming. Preferably both. High agility is definitely a plus. Other than that idc what quests, skills, combat level or anything else it has. I just hate those 3 skills. Must be from a trusted member. I can pay PayPal, BTC or OSRS Gold. Not looking for anything completely maxed.
  3. If I was to get banned in RuneScape for bottling. Are they doing 2 days still? Or do you just get perm banned?
  4. So from reading original post. If i wanted it to use magic for the dragon. Do i have to make a gear preset. Or does it auto use a skill for that
  5. I started botting an account few weeks ago and its at about 1k total level now.
  6. How much is a lvl 3 with 99 runecrafting, 90 farming, 80 agility, 80 craft, 80 mining worth
  7. Thanks. I'm probably just going to keep going like 4 hours a day before work at motherlode.
  8. Ive mined to 85 so far with some normal mining and motherlode mixed. All with a bot. What is the best method 85-99? Just keep going motherlode or perfect miner and if so what location? Profit does not matter, I want xp and trying to avoid ban.
  9. What are yall botting for range at higher combat levels? Other than slayer
  10. Played religiously from like 03-08, 10-13ish, 16-18 and now in 2020. It is hard to stop forever lol. Those are guesstimates based on when i graduated and such. But you seriously can never quit forever
  11. Whats the lowest range yall recommend for this script?
  12. Same. I’ve been banned multiple times for it. Botting smart with paid scripts
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