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  1. one simple answer for that - I became an adult and now got work commitments and a social life, so parts of the game I didn’t enjoy, got botted. Sad times, this is a worse feeling that breaking up with my ex girlfriend of 5 years, she only lived 5 minutes from Jagex studios. I would of stood outside with a sign asking for an unban if I was still with her. Oh well, I suppose it’s time for me to grow up a bit and start a family of my own. Then they can train my account instead of botting.
  2. Taken them 8 years but they finally got me. I hit 13m pray exp last night and said that would be it for botting on the acc as I was max cb. acc had a scythe on rs3 and even decent stats on rsc. Im actually devastated more that the fact they’ve literally troll’d me doing it at this time. Gf jagex, you win. lmao.
  3. Luckily only running my alt who had 1k+ kills, running 3 hours a day with breaks with 1k+ kc. Perm ban. Just put 2 bonds on the mofo & had decent gear Oh well! Good while it lasted!
  4. First time in almost 5,000 kills that it's killed me outside zulrah. Serp helm 85% charged aswell, Luckily it was on my alt so i only lost about 8m worth of gear. No idea what the hell happened but gonna monitor it for a few days now just to see if it was just a one off accident. Other than that, to anyone who's considering buying it, I've made a 350M+ on this bot running it a for a few months for only a few hours per day.
  5. Only a level 3 - 65 herblore. 35m worth of herbs + pots. Better than nothing. Majority of my accounts were made before 2005, No idea if that would help in the situation of being banned (highly doubt it) I'm guessing what people have said above, where i've recovered the account, it's possibly thought it was stolen, although i think it was me who got it locked in the first place putting in wrong passwords
  6. I wanted to check the display name of the account, realised it doesn't show you when your banned as i was recovering the account. Bit confused when it showed me the name & that the acc was permed last year..
  7. So i've just had a look at one of my accounts that i got banned for botting herblore under a year ago. Originally said it was a permanent ban... Now it's unbanned completely. 100% sure it wasn't a 2 day ban & i haven't bothered trying to unban it. Tried logging on and it said my account was locked, Recovered it and logged in. Is this a common thing??
  8. Just a little bug, mainly my fault but just giving you a heads up on this - Found one of my acc's trying to recharge staff but only had 2 fire runes in bank, just stood there for a good hour (even after a break) & tried recharging it. Other than that, Script is all good as per.
  9. JRB

    Imbued mage cape

    Required task is to kill the Demon of light, Darkness and balance so i can get an imbued cape on the acc. 99 mage, decent hp level & prayer Would like somebody who has previously done the task before & has decent rep on here. Cheers
  10. Mine keeps running to the North east corner after every kill and spamming the protect from range prayer.. 'Status: Switching Prayers' - Sometimes it just does this and other times the status flashes from 'Switching Prayers' to 'Looting' (After it's looted) Some odd reason i've checked the fight durations and some have been as long as 4:30 (They are usually between 1:30 - 3mins) No unusual activity on the logger.
  11. First kill after not using it for a month. Good to be back.
  12. Used for just over a month - 3 hours a day roughly, one day I left for 3 hours in a row with no break & ended up with a 2 day ban. other than that, it was awesome.
  13. Me too.. It's constantly doing it with me now.. It just stands there and dies.
  14. Just had a 2 day ban on my main. Probably down to the other day where i left it going for 2 and a half hours without breaking, didn't even realise until too late! I always thought after you've had a 2 day ban on your account, the next ban would be a perm ban , obviously not (Former ban was a year ago)
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