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Fratem's Feedback

  1. GaetanoH left Positive feedback   

    Did 62-72 mining on my iron man account, really fast and provided a lot of info during the training!

    Fratem was The Seller

  2. RoundBox left Positive feedback   

    Did some PvM on my ironman, great work! Big fan, do reccomend

    Fratem was The Seller

  3. caesar78 left Positive feedback   

    Amazing service I bought 1 - 60 agility it was done in 2 days.. Very well done to the workers they are extremely fast - would definitely recommend.

    Fratem was The Seller

  4. Keebler left Positive feedback   

    Very very nice people. Bought HCIM, super easy process

    Fratem was The Seller

  5. CSGOslave left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic job. Did 99 fm in wintertodt for me on HCIM. Super communication all the way.

    Fratem was The Seller

  6. RoundBox left Positive feedback   

    Douglas did 19 quests for me, absolute legend. thankyou for another completed order

    Fratem was The Seller

  7. Allow Me left Positive feedback   

    Bought a zulrah account, and even though it wasn't quite ready, he was prompt in getting it finished for me and kept me updated throughout the whole process!

    Fratem was The Seller

  8. MattGP left Positive feedback   

    bought 100m thanks!

    Fratem was The Seller

  9. Ad0oen left Positive feedback   

    89-99 str nmz ty

    Fratem was The Seller

  10. W199 left Positive feedback   

    Top service for Zulrah accounts

    Fratem was The Seller

  11. Ayayron left Positive feedback   

    Bought 78-85 Prayer via Ensouled heads, was done fairly quickly <3

    Fratem was The Seller

  12. RoundBox left Positive feedback   

    Another 11 quests completed on the ironman, absolutely killing it. Great service, friendly staff.

    Fratem was The Seller

  13. Chris left Positive feedback   

    Bought some range + prayer services quick and easy!

    Fratem was The Seller

  14. Ayayron left Positive feedback   

    Bought ~600 Chompy kills, done relatively quick and was able to message at any point in ticket with any queries.

    Fratem was The Seller

  15. RoundBox left Positive feedback   

    Fratem completed another set of quests on my Iron, quick and efficient. thank you very much!

    Fratem was The Seller

  16. Larsbm left Positive feedback   

    fast, reliable and good contact!

    Fratem was The Seller

  17. Chris left Positive feedback   

    Did some quick and easy services A++++

    Fratem was The Seller

  18. Fatboyz1010 left Positive feedback   

    Bloody good and quick, sends proof and does what needs done, he goes above and beyond. Highly recommend.

    Fratem was The Seller

  19. Swedens left Positive feedback   

    Bought 5 zullies. Smooooth operator

    Fratem was The Seller

  20. Space left Positive feedback for a topic   

  21. chaheser left Positive feedback   

    a very perfect person, very fast and reliable <33333333

    Fratem was The Seller

  22. Swedens left Positive feedback   

    Did account services for me. welcome back! <3

    Fratem was The Seller

  23. RoundBox left Positive feedback   

    Completed 37 quests on HCIM, very quick! thankyou very much

    Fratem was The Seller

  24. RoundBox left Positive feedback   

    Questing order completed on my HCIM. insanely fast. I went to bed. woke up and it was almost completed! thanks again!

    Fratem was The Seller

  25. GameOverAdv left Positive feedback   

    10$ vouche fast delivery 100% secure! thanks mate

    Fratem was The Seller

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