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  1. Dragknife left Positive feedback   

    Incredible services, many thanks. Fast, efficient, and worth your time.

    Fratem was The Seller

  2. TaxSeazon left Positive feedback   

    got me mage arena capes + abit of questing ! thanks again bro

    Fratem was The Seller

  3. DarrenM left Positive feedback   

    Got 58-77 RC in 4 days. Great service 10/10.

    Fratem was The Seller

  4. Ad0oen left Positive feedback   

    some slayer grind and big quests done :)

    Fratem was The Seller

  5. TaxSeazon left Positive feedback   

    yet another huge order via NMZ Powerleveling ! Done fast and efficient. Thank you again bro !

    Fratem was The Seller

  6. dudeyoyo left Positive feedback   

    Completed me a bgloves account from fresh lvl3

    Fratem was The Seller

  7. TaxSeazon left Positive feedback   

    Done me massive power leveling 75-85 str, atk , def, and range ! East and fast ! Trustworthy as always with a discount from loyalty program !

    Fratem was The Seller

  8. DarrenM left Positive feedback   

    Got pest control points /herb bag from these guys. No problem at all. Kept me updated at all times and 100% trustworthy. 10/10 would do again.

    Fratem was The Seller

  9. DarrenM left Positive feedback   

    Got NMZ points of these guys. Good service, would like to use again!

    Fratem was The Seller

  10. Tom left Positive feedback   

    Quick, easy and professional

    Fratem was The Seller

  11. Jabbe left Positive feedback   

    The best best people to buy from cheapest and everything is hand done! no bots!

    Fratem was The Seller

  12. TaxSeazon left Positive feedback   

    completed MM2 + powerleveled my pure account from 40-70 str and range. discount with loyalty program rocks!

    Fratem was The Seller

  13. Anxlol left Positive feedback   

    Hands down the absolute best service out there. 100% Trustworthy, fast and have great communication. Have done multiple orders here and I will continue to do so.

    Fratem was The Seller

  14. TaxSeazon left Positive feedback   

    once again did another handful of quests for me on my pure accoumt, with a discount from their loyalty program. thanks fam

    Fratem was The Seller

  15. gekkebakker left Positive feedback   

    once again completed a hugeeeeeee order 90-99atk 95-99defence 64-70 thieving 64-70 agility 61-80 firemaking 62-70 hunter 70-80 crafting 71-85cooking 72-80 farming just use them if u need a service <3

    Fratem was The Seller

  16. TaxSeazon left Positive feedback   

    did a handful of quests for me, TY A++

    Fratem was The Seller

  17. dudeyoyo left Positive feedback   

    Got my HCIM 1-99 fming with a lot of crates :)

    Fratem was The Seller

  18. vperez0728 left Positive feedback   

    completed a firecape with very budget gear no issues for payment . I would work with him again

    Fratem was The Seller

  19. Bruuni left Positive feedback   

    Done a firecape for me hella quick, Fratem and his whole team an absolute delight to deal with - certainly my new go to for services!

    Fratem was The Seller

  20. Florius left Positive feedback   

    Bought a Barrows account, fast delivery. If all goes well I will definitely come back!

    Fratem was The Seller

  21. Lukitas999 left Positive feedback   

    Did hard diaries for me Fast and smooth as always thanks.

    Fratem was The Seller

  22. gekkebakker left Positive feedback   

    well once again the service was outstanding ! 92-99 thieving 20k gold ores smithed 70-80 str/def/atk withing 2-3wweeks or something man those guys will max my account <3

    Fratem was The Seller

  23. RoundBox left Positive feedback   

    Did MM2 on my zerker, fast and efficient. thankyou!

    Fratem was The Seller

  24. Lukitas999 left Positive feedback   

    Did mm2 and one night for me.

    Fratem was The Seller

  25. gekkebakker left Positive feedback   

    bruh where do i need to start... ddid 72-92 thieving, Full void , Torso, 37-85 mining and some little things inbetween... alsways good communication and very fking reasonble :P i asked alot if i could play inbetween the hours the service was done and it always worked out .. Simply 1 of the best services on osbot

    Fratem was The Seller

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