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  1. Do you have the accounts made and just need tut completed or would you like to be supplied with 10?
  2. could i get a trial of this please
  3. Request Template: - Script name Khal Tempoross - trial 24 hours is fine - Reason for trial test how viable it is before i purchase - Are you ging to give feedback on the script? Sure!
  4. Hey i got a 66 mage / 10 HP account if your interested! let me know no email reg on it.
  5. 5.5 GP/XP - have two dancing alts to help make bursting faster Pm if interested
  6. Hey hey, can i get a trial of this please
  7. Hi there @Khaleesiwould it be possible to receive a trial of this script
  8. Hey bud, i'd be willing to do this for 3.2m per account, we can use a VMM/ i will supply each of the accounts with runes/staffs etc. if this is still needed or of interest let me know - my discord is Lem00n#8889
  9. i'd say like 25-50m osrs gp imo WC is an easy afk skill to train up, maybe if you got some other stats to like base 50's on skills it might have more value and shouldnt take too long to do.
  10. Bruuni

    Buying HCIM

    hey i've got a start HCIM - Limiq is the OO and can verify this. you can add me on discord if your interested - Lem00n#8889
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