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  1. Awesome services easy to deal with and very trusting. Ill be using him for any future interactions ??
  2. looking to buy 2 tut island accounts
  3. tick fishing bot if thats possible
  4. no real major quests done besides ds1(not really huge) and legends . was deff thinking of selling it around 70-80 ish so good to see that its value is close to that
  5. think fletching/any afk skill is still easy to bot. gl on the 99 though!
  6. https://gyazo.com/072964771f39b4a7bddfdd4007b385f5 https://gyazo.com/072964771f39b4a7bddfdd4007b385f5 worth any? no bans
  7. as title says. i want to get 85 fishing. i have 75. dont want it botted. prices and time frame?
  8. I auto clicked tele to cammy from 75-99 mage on my main account. did like 12-18 hours a day and didn't get banned . auto clicking I think is less detectable. especially if you set in different intervals (1 click every second 1 click every 2 1 click every 3). seems more human like when youre getting different click times
  9. afk methods tend to be less banable then others. agility and mining id consider the highest ban rate for botting scripts, where as nmz scripts or fletching and crafting ive had a decent amount of luck with. its all about your botting ways too. if you bot 20 hours straight every day youre likely to get banned compared to people who take breaks
  10. Gl getting him unbanned. Think theyre a little more lenient if you've paid cash for membership compared to people who buy bonds for membership.
  11. If your bot was banned already your main should be safe. ive traded directly to my main from my bot a few times and have yet to get banned
  12. think if youre training on your main as well they might not ban it.... but don't quote me on that. might be safe for you to xfer through multiple accounts at the same time if youre worried about it. or trade items back so it looks more like a real trade
  13. this or auto clicking tele.. youll save more money doing alcs. but tele has less chance of errors if youre planning on stepping away from the computer
  14. swapping ccs give you 1:2 if youre selling for osrs and 3:1 if youre buying .
  15. only looking for barrows. zulrah accounts go for more. if you wanna make 2 barrows accounts id buy them... but with only 9 fb im not willing to spend to much
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