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  1. Chicks also has the most overpriced accounts at that market bud. If I was in the market. I'd pay around 35-40m for 85 mining.
  2. I would be on the same page as xxUndeadxx here. Roughly 20-25m
  3. 50HZ

    Ultimate Muler

    @Token- Sorry for pestering you about this. I've tried my hardest to find the Key. Cant fint anywhere. I should be in the DB so I cant create a new one.
  4. 50HZ

    Ultimate Muler

    I didn't have a chance to even get the Token. Got some msg about "User already exists in the database". Cant find anything in the OSBot folder either
  5. Due to the fact that its possible to buy DS2 accs with 95+ range and void for $80-100. I'd say this account would prob be worth around $70-80
  6. Ayo, what is you definition of "decent Farm lvl" and "cheap" Also, how many accounts you need, only 1?
  7. Currently looking for accounts with 77rc, 73agility - Id prefer if they were 500TTL aswell. The the right price, Ill buy 5accs at onces. Add my disc: 50HZ#4707
  8. Ouuf! Looking like a beefy first script:) Hope you pull it off:) GL If you need beta tester, throw me a PM:)
  9. Breaks? Never used them, just check the "custom break timer" in the GUI and let it run.
  10. Looking forward to it, perfect updates:) Got 15 accounts to 55 magic without issue so far:)
  11. Looking good! Looking forward to the progress:)
  12. Been using it for a few F2P accounts, and so far I must say its working fine! The only issue so far is the Magic Level progress tracker not updating. The script was started at Magic 36 and has since gained 5 levels. Most scripts would display it with Current Level: X (X gained) Small thing but still! Good work
  13. Well, this is fine enough for getting some levels/hours on F2Ps GL on the new project, if you need beta testers feel free to PM
  14. Only thing would be some randomisation and antl ban features like you said. Another sweet feature would be a range version of the same script:)
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