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  1. can easily be made into range tank, lunars done b gloves torso, fc, rune pouch, void, etc Discord:FY5#9504
  2. never bot that account again my man it will be gone for good grats on 2 day tho not seen one of hem for a while haha
  3. also a 1750+ max main with rig/aug avernic, fc torso etc
  4. b gloves torso firecape rune pouch all void, discord:FY5#9504
  5. added discord mate
  6. hiya mate currently 1 account left that matches, sold 8 similar bit higher stats may be out of price range but brilliant med level if interested discord:FY5#9504
  7. hey man welcome, to get an idea of the website just browse anywhere and everywhere
  8. i personally use an auto clicker more than most bots, i use mine at nmz for rock cake to keep me 1/2 hp, also for cannon at caged ogres works perfect. agility at barb outpost etc never been banned in over 2 years.
  9. my main rep is on this website i also have a sythe i can link on discord please feel free to add me
  10. you know where to come if you need an account lad
  11. zulrah, barrows, mmf all consistently sold, depending on the stats of the account and the price you should always be able to sell i should imagine
  12. found someone thank you all for ur time
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