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  1. if you need someone to test anything lmk!
  2. Really enjoying this script as time goes, keep it up
  3. its called scripts need to be updated over time, fvckin bozo negative as hell for no reason tell him its not working and he'll most likely fix it.
  4. Kayde

    Molly's Thiever

    Don’t know if you fixed but it’s working now, might’ve just been a problem with my client
  5. There are scripts that complete quest for you, might want to look into that
  6. Kayde

    Molly's Thiever

    Doesn’t empty pouch on knights atm, was working not too long ago
  7. all I do is bot on my main, it all depends tho, w/ botting I expect to be banned are you using stealth or mirror?
  8. @fjordcould prob buy vouchers through somebody or w/e they called if you can't fix your situation
  9. Kayde


    pretty sure bill gates said couple years back "one of the simplest ways to kill off a part of the population is a fake vaccine" Then I saw that congress doesn't have to get it or something like that lmao, kinda sketch
  10. How many bans would you have to get for IP to be flagged
  11. Used to be one my favorite scripts but the xp rate for addy bars is 39k and like 1k bars an hour... sometimes it corrects and will go up to 500k an hour but that's once every blue moon, hope this gets fixed. thanks
  12. your best bet is prob f2p botting until you get mirror
  13. my accounts used to get banned within a week using stealth injection, not sure if its still that way
  14. Kayde

    Stealth Quester

    @Tokenyeah Id close the session and it'd still do it, it still completed the quest when id fix it so I'm not trippin. I run 2 bots at a time
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