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  1. P sure it was like 15 cents
  2. Is this the Krusty crab?

  3. Who broke the gold prices c'mon own up
  4. if you're bored go ahead, if you want results waste of time
  5. Isolate


    for the dust to settle you just need a little less of dis naw fuck that, I do databases and cybersecurity, not so bad just getting dry edit goddamn image didn't embed: https://i.imgur.com/5W7tW8A.png
  6. Isolate


    good good, just uni getting tiresome so snooping around for projects to meme on
  7. mmmm is more like 1.577mb/second 5.6772gb/hour 136.25gb/day which is very doable i suppose but it depends how long they store the data they take or whether they compute it down to simpler values and compare those so they don't have to store alot which is more likely the case
  8. Isolate


    How are we enjoying lockscape. Haven't been here in a whiles.
  9. the type of person that makes me shudder whenever the word crypto blows on the breeze near me.
  10. 1k-1.5k should get you 200-300 clients on the machine if u choose well but i wouldn't expect it to do anything other than farm box
  11. fake news, instant mouse meta
  12. i'm secretly an attention whore, ask afta ye took about 30 seconds for it to get weird
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