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  1. Hey man I am interested in purchasing a script but your discord doesnt work
  2. Hey buddy! Great script! I am however running into an issue pretty commonly. The script keeps trying to join a house that does not allow guests. It will keep trying to join this player until the name is no longer on the list. Please do push a fix for this asap as it completely breaks the script
  3. Burntish

    Stealth Quester

    Great script! but I do experience a prevalent issue. In Waterfall quest, the script breaks if all the runes are not finished from the inventory (e.g. misclick/lag). Would be nice to have a check for it and the script can try to place the remaining runes once again.
  4. When will this be pushed?
  5. Hey buddy, Loving the script! Could you please make a failsafe for when an account dies while in the swamp? at the moment the script just breaks while at lumby. Maybe it could teleport to clan wars directly and continue along?
  6. Burntish

    Stealth Quester

    yo lemme get a trial please
  7. yo khal lemme get a trial please
  8. Vps's are linux based. Still can be connected with RDP however. I just prefer the vnc viewer as it has better commands and adjustable settings in it.
  9. Most people who buy at least my VPS's run multiple bots on one of them. So in their case yes, Proxies would be beneficial as you want each account to have a different location.
  10. I could that for 3 bonds bud. I only get lag complaints from people who completely over estimate a VPS's abilities. They soon realize that they made a mistake upon buying a much more expensive VPS from someone else as they get the same or usually even worse results. To answer the question, No, the VPS don't lag.
  11. Welcome to My Private Proxy Shop! Why Choose me? *All Proxies are Private (1 person to a proxy)* *Full Customer Support* *All Tested Proxies* ​*Cheapest Prices* *Instant Delivery* Add me on my only Skype: "BurntishSwap." Prices per Month [07/Rs3]: 1 Proxy: [1.8m/12.6m] ea 3 Proxies: [1.75m/12.25m] ea 5 Proxies: [1.7m/11.9m] ea 7 Proxies: [1.65m/11.55m] ea 10 Proxies: [1.6m/11.2m] ea 20 proxies: [1.5m/10.5m] ea Bigger Orders can be discussed through Skype! After Adding me on skype, Fill in the Order Form: How many Proxies are you purchasing?
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