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Looking for price check on a bunch of quests.

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These quests would be done on an account that is 1500+ total with pretty decent combat stats. 

I am mainly looking for one person to do them over the course of some days. I am looking for trusted users to post below with a timeframe, and their price. smile.png   Leave prices for partial orders as well. smile.png



  • Black Knights Fortress
  • Demon Slayer
  • Pirate's Treasure
  • Prince Ali Rescue
  • Romeo & Juliet


  • The Digsite Quest
  • The Tourist Trap
  • Temple of Ikov
  • Desert Treasure


  • Jungle Potion
  • Shilo Village
  • Lunar Diplomacy


  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  • Murder Mystery
  • Gertrude's Cat
  • The Golem
  • Shadow of the Storm


  • Underground Pass (I am 90+ Agility)
  • Legend's Quest
  • Regicide
  • Roving Elves


  • Fremmenik Isles
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 - Black Knights' Fortress - 200K

 - Demon Slayer - 500k

 - Pirate's Treasure - 500k

 - Prince Ali Rescue - 900k

 - Romeo and Juliet - 200k


 - Total - 2,300,000 - 2300k - 2.3m



 - The Digsite - 1.3M

 - Big Chompy Bird Hunting - 700K

 - Murder Mystery - 800K

 - Gertrude's Cat - 500K

 - The Golem - 700k

 - Shadow of the Storm - 700k


 - Total - 4,700,000 - 4700k - 4.7m


Skype : AaronServices

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