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  1. I got banned after using this guide.
  2. Yota4x4

    RS3 MAIN

    ~35M 07gp, but it would probably be very difficult to find a RS3 buyer.
  3. If you have lots of feedback, and 100 posts, and you are trusted here, I would say 450M-500M
  4. Yes Do you agree with the above question?
  5. I can do this for you, and I can go first since i have no feedback
  6. Lol that's some savage shenanigans
  7. That is some absolute shit balls, I had a similar experience for my SAT's when I lost my ID minutes before testing
  8. I'll be up at Niagra Falls in 3 weeks, when will ya be there?
  9. Personally, my experience in the past month has been really high banrates. I can't keep an account unbanned for more than a few days.
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