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    5m u know my skype
  2. What I don't get is how does this not count as scamming, what im assuming i can do the same, ask someone to pay me half of the money, if I do a service for them and then 2days after say that I don't want to do it, give them the account back, and keep the half? We had an agreement, and she broke the rules, she should be banned in my opinion, but can someone please respond asap and conclude this, because Im leaving in 2days to a small trip.
  3. oh i always thought ukbt is some uk bitcoins lmfao. However wont the cash take like 3+days to arrive
  4. skype rucis.1 not going first, so find a MM or u first.
  5. I asked a few friends, they said that it's not enough to recover the account, but still I think it's retarded, if she can just return me the account, after having it on her email ect, she could've botted it or done anything, how the fuck yall can force me to take an account that /was/ sold?
  6. She has it on her email, 3passwords.
  7. I didn't think much of the acc at the start, after the post you made, you clearly said it might be dangerous to just take the account back, she may have been botting it, or whatever, has the info aswell.
  8. Yeah, and you dont get my point. She has the info of the account, I don't want an unsafe account like that, nor will anyone else. How is this even normal that she says 2days after that she doesnt want to buy the account anymore, if she has already paid half. My last post, idc decide w/e u guys want.
  9. Yep, but how would I go further. Obviously I don't need the account, as I dont play runescape myself, only services. I dont feel comfortable with someone else knowing some of the info, that can be used for a possible recovery of the account. I would accept the money instead, because she obviously has some of the information to recover the account. If I get the account back, I am going to sell it again, and it will decrease my chances of selling it if someone else has some of the info about the account..
  10. User said he will pay, then decided to return the account. Reading your post, I would like the money instead, as shes already got some of the accounts info, and its on her email ect. Its up to you guys, but I would preffer to get the money that she intended to pay.
  11. As you said yourself, gellie. Dex said discuss, but I don't want to discuss anything, I was relying on the 75$ i would recieve, I really needed them, but I am fine with having the account back aswell, because I don't think Gellie is to get any refunds from me, since she was the one to break the deal, not me..
  12. Disputed member: Gellie Thread Link: none? Explanation: We both agreed on Gellie buying my account ^. We agreed on a sum of 150$, she pays half upfront, half after a week, for her trust issues or w/e it was. this all can be seen in the chatbox logs which were yesterday (our private chat) Now she is saying that she doesnt want the account anymore, and wants a partial refund, even though I have already spent the money (75$), she owes me another 75$ or I want my account back fully, because she just simply cannot say that she wants a refund, and I keep my account, if she has already paid for it, and now refuses to pay the second half. Dex can confirm this as Gellie has already spoke to him over skype. Evidence: http://i.imgur.com/j3ITO8U.png Everything rest of our agreement can be foudn in the chatbox logs from yesterday.
  13. 3,5M. Can do one acc rn. skype - rucis.1
  14. those pickup lines only happen in youtube videos broski u need to step ur game up
  15. if you just send the cash, don't use pay for goods thingy. It doesnt even offer a refund option? it says you need to have paid for goods n services to dispute or something
  16. he doesnt have verified paypal, i dont think he can refund? Or thats just me, using pp for roughly a week lol.
  17. 16m, 1day. Have done voids on 100+ boat before.
  18. 1.2$/m paypal u first or find a MM. skype rucis.1
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