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  1. 4/5 GP per XP same as I offer for all services. Message me to discuss further
  2. It's now Tuesday and you didn't sell... Please use bump button when boosting your thread.
  3. Sure, add my skype; MonkeyRs-osbot
  4. Hi guys, Looking to buy around 100 Mil Via Paypal/Skrill. Post prices below
  5. They have been posting on Twitter about finding old account data who was botting and they have been watching them so many accounts was to be banned unfortunately you was one of them.
  6. It also has a SSD in there I believe, a 120GB
  7. Okay cool, I'll take your guys word for it haha. I just thought the GPU ext was starting to date so I thought it'd be best to start.
  8. Just feel the performance is starting to slow down and wanted to just upgrade it a little before it dies on me and I have to go out and buy a spare one so I don't overclock my main one really.
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