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Juggles AIO Fighter


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Welcome to Juggles AIO Fighter






Any Location


Bury Bones Option








Instructions for using the Script


Start the Script at the NPC place in the middle of the area
Eats at 50% HP
Type in the Npc Name you want the script to attack then type in what u want the script to loot. Then select if you want it to bury bones. Then switch to the bank tab and select what food to withdraw and how much when it runs out it will go to the bank and get what you have selected and walk back to starting area.


GUI Preview









Paint Preview


Version Number

Version 1.0 Will be on the SDN Soon.

Progress Reports:

Will be added soon


Very nice!

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  • 2 weeks later...

paint looks like a unicorn took a shit on the screen

  • dont draw prayer xp if the person didnt choose to bury bones
  • make the items line up
  • dont have font mismatch
  • dont draw combat items which the user isnt going to get xp in
  • why is only your name on there, idc m8 i want to know the script name IF anything

i cant comment on the code since not public so yeah good luck mate

Edited by Pure_
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Holy shit you did it cant wait to use this smile.png

Gz on the release (soon)



exactly what I am looking for. Is it gonna be free ?



Looks intense... any updates?



Looking forward to test this. I'll post progress reports.



gz on release looking forward to testing smile.png

Script is now on the SDN and you can try it out.

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  • Deceiver changed the title to Juggles AIO Fighter

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