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  1. For example if you're training your combat, it's necessary to check your wc stat, firemaking and sometimes fletching. Just incase you earn some xp in those skills. Np i helped u to max ur acc within 2months
  2. Gg acc, once a botter always a botter. That account wont last this summer
  3. oh not able to use the script right now, could i maybe nofity you to activate in 20h?
  4. Join a clan, do pk masses on weekends. It's really fun, that's the only reason I actually "play" runescape.
  5. i knw noting edit: oooooooooohhh now i get it
  6. <-- what is this uselss icon for @dex
  7. Any specific world this event will take place at?
  8. Ty, yeah I saw it however cba to edit my post
  9. So when is crabs being added any eta?
  10. Currently I'm using 0.099 version. I'm trying to kill an npc which has some alchables as drop table. I tried to add it to the looting list and set it to alch mode. The script would break and no attack the npc, but then I tried again however this time I didn't set the items to loot to alch mode and it worked. Maybe take a look at this?
  11. Why watch porn when you already have a partner?
  12. Tevez

    Fruity NMZ

    Not really needed, you could try to make a "scroll list" and next to that you will have a box layout where all the selected prayers are enabled. You could try it and see how it looks, just an idea.
  13. Tevez

    Fruity NMZ

    Can you please add "sharp eye" on prayer ?
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