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  1. For example if you're training your combat, it's necessary to check your wc stat, firemaking and sometimes fletching. Just incase you earn some xp in those skills. Np i helped u to max ur acc within 2months
  2. Gg acc, once a botter always a botter. That account wont last this summer
  3. oh not able to use the script right now, could i maybe nofity you to activate in 20h?
  4. Join a clan, do pk masses on weekends. It's really fun, that's the only reason I actually "play" runescape.
  5. i knw noting edit: oooooooooohhh now i get it
  6. <-- what is this uselss icon for @dex
  7. Any specific world this event will take place at?
  8. Ty, yeah I saw it however cba to edit my post
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