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bye osbot


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I have been on osbot for nearly 3 years now. I started by doing small services and later on started goldfarming. I have made so many friends over the years and I cannot thank everyone on osbot enough. I really don't want to right a long speech because i don't want anyones last feeling against me to be "wow long post tl;dr noob". I may comeback someday, who knows.

I would like to personally thank super skrept society: Valkyr, Okabe, Sinatra, Explv, Fruity, Acerd, Kevzilla, Muffins, Deceiver, Rudie, Saiyan and {lol jk april fools} Zapster. Farewell osbot!

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and {lol jk april fools} Zapster. Farewell osbot!


I tried to play along but did you guys not see this?????????????????????????????????????????????????


Fucking get meme'd osbot lol noobs


but.. i guess no one even likes me enough to read the full thing. Maybe i should actually leave :/



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