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Shudsy's Orber


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Shudsy Scripts






Do you want to bot something that instantly sells?

Do you want to be able to gain Magic Exp at the same time?

Do you want to be able to gain 350k+ GP an hour?

Shudsy's Air Orber is what you're looking for.


Buy here:

-- Pending SDN Approval--




- Emergency teleport incase of PKers/low HP.

- World hopping to avoid getting camped by PKers.

- Eats to full HP in bank.

- Stamina potion support if toggled.

- Re equips glory and Staff of Air and walks back to Edgeville if killed.


Information and requirements:


- Runs from Edgeville bank to Obelisk of Air.

- Makes 350k+ GP an hour and 30k+ Magic exp.


- 66+ Magic is required.

- 40+ HP is recommended.




- Have food in bank.

- Start in Edgeville bank.

- Have a glory equipped.

- Have a Staff of air equipped.

- Have Stamina pots in bank if enabled.

- Have Unpowered Orbs and Cosmic runes in bank.

- Have several Amulet of glory(4) or Amulet of glory(6) in bank.



Looks good! 

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