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So this is one of the new emotes recently made and it's mine emote1.png


This is a smaller version of this picture Holo-333333333-spice-and-wolf-33338229-5


Her name is Holo and she is the main character from the series Spice & Wolf.

Much like her personality this emote is meant to be used after you have said something very witty/sarcastic.

It's like a more refined version of the troll face and can be used to substitute it if you're feeling a bit fancy ;).


That is all emote1.png.

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anime sucks because weird weaboo nerd fucks 


fuck anime



is that insightful enough?

About as insightful as it'll get id imagine :Noah:


I am not a weaboo personally but that's a decent reason why one wouldn't want to publicly say they watch anime for fear of being grouped with them.


However I am an adult though and really couldn't give a shit what people think of me having certain hobbies because it's my life.

: jack : emote1111.png

is better


shinobu > holo

Are you jocking on my waifu bruh?

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yh shes weak mate

M8 1v1 rust me!

Holo is the Tsundere queen.

Asuka is overrated and just a plain bitch whereas Holo makes me want to be a better man(and merchant).


Also Rei Masterrace!

emote1.png too strong xD

Khal knows what's up!

Also it is in my opinion you should have honorary emote status.

Sponsor+$100 donnor=$150 which is more than enough for lifetime sponsor.

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