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Lack of respect..


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I am sick of this rudeness towards me, i've said it once and i'll say it again, i don't feel the need to prove to anyone that i am a girl. osbot asked for my gender i stated female, they asked for a avatar i put a display picture, that i may change if that will help with this hate..

i skype video with people who i'm comfortable with, so don't ask me to sing on cam or for video chat. talk to me normally.



1. yes i kind of told jack i was a guy, he asked and i said maybe.

he asked again and i said, for me to know.

he kept bugging me so i showed him a picture of me and my boyfriend

hoping he'd just stop bugging me. (didn't work.)

I'm on this forums because i play runescape, like all of you.

I will most likely never see any of you in real life,

or any further relationships than on osbot.

so there is no need for you to rant on,


i made this post because im annoyed at the lack of respect i am getting because people have had bad experiences with shemales before or whatever, but not me.. stuff has to change.



If some staff or higher ranks just please agree in the comments below to try and switch peoples thoughts around, would be muchly appreciated.



if i have to set up a skype call with someone just to prove it we can organize something, just please show me the respect i deserve.



thankyou in advance QwPha8E.png



shit that i have to deal with:




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