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  1. I'm if banned when I come back from the hospital I'll get it, but for now health is more important. Cya all.
  2. Actually, I won't be able to be on for the rest of the month, please ban me.
  3. So how much is that? I'm going back to the hospital wont be able to reply for the day
  4. Sorry I was @ the hospital tried to respond but each time i went on something poped up, i have no problem refunding the two bonds and you owed 10M left so lets come up to a conclution and fix this my birthday today im going to family then back to hospital take care will try and reply asap
  5. Add me on skype, miaow.osbot@outlook.com still need.
  7. Dude, you never added my skype i could be doing this now.
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