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  1. I'm if banned when I come back from the hospital I'll get it, but for now health is more important. Cya all.
  2. Actually, I won't be able to be on for the rest of the month, please ban me.
  3. So how much is that? I'm going back to the hospital wont be able to reply for the day
  4. Sorry I was @ the hospital tried to respond but each time i went on something poped up, i have no problem refunding the two bonds and you owed 10M left so lets come up to a conclution and fix this my birthday today im going to family then back to hospital take care will try and reply asap
  5. Add me on skype, miaow.osbot@outlook.com still need.
  7. Dude, you never added my skype i could be doing this now.
  8. he requirements to work for me : You will pay a sum of 25M oldschool RSGP. - If you leave within first month you get 75% refunded You must have a clean reputation across other sites You must not be banned on any other sites You must be able to use Skype to discuss orders You must speak English Application form : Do you agree to my TOS*? : Do you agree to 25m deposit? : What is your Skype ? : Do you have any experience with a service? : TOS: 1. You cannot use any form of botting or auto clicking while working for me. (unless the client agreed to use bots) 2. If you disrespect me or any of the workers you forfeit your deposit. 3. You will never scam in any situation. If you do you forfeit your deposit and will face the consequences. ​4. Orders always have to go through me. 5. You can advertise but always put my skype below. 6. You must complete any order you take. If not completed you will not be paid for the order and possible get kicked if no valid reason. 7. You must notify me when your gonna be away for a while. 8. You are not allowed to take any payment from costumers on your own. Doing so will make you responsible for it and can lead to a kick from the service.
  9. Add me on skype miaow.osbot@outlook.com
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