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OSBot 2.3.67/68 - Mouse rework and model rotations

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This release takes a look at some very tough issues with mouse movements and interactions. First I would like to thank @SESH for reporting the issue. For the most part I verified that all destinations were handled as intended and that each characteristic of the destination was accounted for (namely evaluations). This is an update that will affect each botter, so please try and monitor interactions and report anything suspicious.


Additionally, @Zach patched model rotations which will certainly exemplify the improved interactions coming from this update.


@Alek's Changelog:

-Improved MouseClickEvent execution

--Removed multiple attempts, it will only fail because of chained MouseMoveEvent

-Improved MouseMoveEvent

--PointDestination has improved handling

-Removed unnecessary inventory calculation

-Updated Mouse click(x,y)

-Updated InteractionEvent to handle new mouse events

-Updated all destinations to use their correct overriden methods

-BankPin random received speed improvement to completion

-Verified Dismiss Random Event is working

-Patched PollBooth API


@Zach's Changelog:

-Patched model rotations

--Scripters check to make sure you are using the new rotations in your code


Bugs which I am aware of:

-InteractionEvent not attempting to change camera angle/walk to entities that are not visible in some scenarios.

-Mouse will randomly "spaz" out in a small area, seems to be related to either grabbing a suitable destination area or the mouse algorithm itself.


Version 2.3.68: @Zach made a manual hotfix for wall object rotations and pathing


If you are getting spammed in the logger, please re-download the client.


Have a great weekend. If there are any crazy issues, I'll be on to sort them out.

-The OSBot Staff

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